Feature Overview

Free Report of Your Data Before Getting Started
FREE Report of Your Data Before Getting Started
Before using Storage Guardian, our LAN Discovery Tool scans your network and provides detailed information about your company's data. This helps you observe, think and apply your backup decisions on a more informed basis, and back up only the data you need – keeping your costs low.
Bare Metal Restore Capability
View an animation of this feature"Bare Metal" Data Recovery onto Different Machines
Only Storage Guardian can perform "bare metal restores" – restoring the entire operating system, applications, settings and data for an entire machine – onto a new machine with different hardware than the original one. So if disaster strikes and you need to restore your data onto completely different machines – a common scenario – Storage Guardian can do this effortlessly. Buyer beware: Most remote backup providers who do not emphasize this ability CANNOT perform disaster recovery this way.
Agentless Architecture
View an animation of this featureAgentless Architecture: Install on Just ONE Machine and Protect the Entire Domain
Unlike other leading solutions, Storage Guardian does not require you to install software agents on all your machines - just the one server that runs the backup/restore system and sends the data to the secure off-site data vault. Our "Agentless Architecture" makes deployment easy on any network.
Proactive Monitoring Services
View an animation of this featureProactive Monitoring Services
Identify problems before they escalate into a disaster with a free proactive monitoring service that generates comprehensive reports, automatically advises you of minor issues or failures as they occur and opens a service support ticket in the event of an issue or backup failure.
Cloud Collaboration Tool
View an animation of this featureCloud Collaboration Tool
Sync and share files from any device into the cloud, or share your files with other people. Just log into the system, set your security permissions around who can access your files and start collaborating from anywhere in the world with Internet access, knowing that all data is encrypted in transit and when it is stored.
Local Restore Feature
View an animation of this feature"Local Restore" Feature for Speedy Recovery
A copy of the latest data being sent to the off-site data vault can also be stored on your local network. In the event of a disaster, you can restore your latest data quickly at LAN speeds – even if you're using inexpensive WAN technologies such as DSL or cable.
Secure, High Capacity Data Centers
View an animation of this featureMost Secure, High Capacity Data Centers
Storage Guardian uses some of the most secure, reliable and high-capacity Internet backbones in the industry, consisting of bi-directional OC-12 & OC-192 rings that extend throughout Canada and the United States. Every part of the network has a redundant "stand-in" that instantly becomes operational in the event of a hardware failure.
Advanced File Compression and Other Technologies
Advanced Technology for Smarter Backup and Restoration
Storage Guardian's technology is packed with sophisticated features. For example, our "send once" technology recognizes where data is duplicated across a network – no easy feat – and sends only one copy to the server, minimizing your costs and increasing efficiency. And our Message Level Restore feature enables you to restore email data - down to a single email message for a specific user.