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Storage Guardian's advanced Microsoft SQL and Oracle secure backup service enables you to perform hot online backups of Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server databases, and use a wide range of advanced options and capabilities.

Storage Guardian is a state-of-the-art data backup and recovery system that works with the latest versions of Microsoft SQL and Oracle. It's flexible, intuitive and easy to use, and it enables database administrators to fully customize their Microsoft SQL and Oracle backup protection. Storage Guardian can perform differential backups as well as Transaction Log backups with automatic truncation.

When a recovery operation takes place, you can easily redirect the restore procedure to another database server. Storage Guardian’s Microsoft SQL and Oracle backup and recovery technology also supports "rollback restores," allowing administrators to restore databases based on a point in time, rather than a specific backup job.

Key features of Storage Guardian's Microsoft SQL and Oracle backup and recovery service:

  • Data recovery to named Transaction Log Marks within the transaction log allows administrators to restore data right up to the point at which the data had last been backed up to the database.
  • Improved performance of database consistency checks (DBCC), including the ability to perform a physical-only DBCC on SQL databases, significantly accelerates secure backup speeds without sacrificing accuracy.
  • The system transparently integrates online or "hot" SQL Server backups within regularly scheduled network protection routines.
  • Storage Guardian’s Microsoft SQL and Oracle secure backup service supports "rollback restores" to a specific moment, rather than a specific backup task. We also provide flexible backup launch options so your backup jobs can be launched immediately or scheduled and saved for later execution. Perform your Microsoft SQL and Oracle backup and recovery jobs on your schedule.

When you need peace of mind with your Microsoft SQL or Oracle secure backup options, Storage Guardian is your partner in reliable, flexible backup and data restoration. Take a free trial today.

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