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Full-featured data backup and recovery

Storage Guardian makes it easy to migrate from backup tapes to reliable online backups. Our online backup software recognizes VERITAS Backup Exec and Microsoft Tape Format, and converts them into a Backup Lifecycle Management archive package, which can then be integrated into an online, tiered-storage system.

Our tiered-storage approach automatically selects the most cost-effective online storage strategy and makes all data instantly accessible to you.

Tape Backup

Here are some of the features that make our online backup services preferable to tape backup:

  • Our tiered-storage approach includes:
    1. a local backup of first-generation data
    2. a highly available second tier of online backup
    3. a third tier of near-line backups of mature data (typically backups that have aged past 90 days)
  • If you suffer a catastrophic server failure and need a major data restore, convenience and flexibility are two of the most crucial considerations. Storage Guardian offers the ability to perform a "bare metal restore" to a completely different computer, saving you time and getting you back up and running as soon as possible. Tape backup solutions are often not as rapid or reliable.
  • To save even more time, the initial backup is performed on an external drive that is shipped to Storage Guardian. Similarly, if you need a major restore of a large amount of data, Storage Guardian can overnight an external drive to you containing the restore data.
  • Storage Guardian's ultra-secure online backup technology uses AES 256-bit encryption plus hardware authentication. Tape backup solutions are often not encrypted, and the tapes themselves can be susceptible to theft or loss.
  • Storage Guardian can also backup and restore individual mailboxes and contacts from MS Exchange and Outlook.
  • There is absolutely NO hardware cost to you; we provide everything you'll need for a smooth transition. By contrast, tape backup hardware costs money to purchase and maintain.
  • The security of your data is important, so we do de-duplication and encryption before we send data off-site.

Tape backup solutions were useful in the past, but the future of data backup and recovery is Storage Guardian. Let us help you backup and restore your crucial business data affordably, reliably and securely.

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