Full Service Disaster Recovery

Full Service Disaster Recovery

Storage Guardian's Full Service Disaster Recovery can save you critical time in a recovery situation. With this service, you can spin up virtual machines and recover your data onto them in a disaster – and we will establish VPN connections for your employees so that they can connect to the new VMs. We'll also send them all of the IPv6 addresses and login instructions, saving time and hassle.

During a disaster, our service will allow as many users as needed to connect via VPNs through to the virtual machines where the data has been recovered. Your network administrators will not need to manually configure VPN connections for your users and send the connection information to them.

Don't pay for backup VPNs to exist on standby. With Storage Guardian's Full Service Disaster Recovery, you pay for VPNs only if they are used in a disaster situation.

How it works

Our service automates the process of configuring connections to the VMs with the recovered data, by running through the following steps on the fly:

  • Get a list of all VMs for the customer
  • Power on each VM (using VMWare API)
  • Power on the VPN server and configure the server console
  • Create a virtual private network
  • Configure routes for all the VMs so that they can connect with each VM as well as the VPN server
  • Generate security certificates for the VPN connection
  • Generate client configuration files (which are configured on the users' devices)
  • Create a client package with the installer, security certificates, client configuration files
  • Send an email to each user with the client installer package (powered by OpenVPN)

On the client end, the user opens the email, installs the VPN client, deploys the security certificate and configuration file, and establishes the connection with the remote virtual network.

Need a recovery plan? We can help.

Need a recovery plan? We can help.

We have significant experience with disaster recovery and virtualization, and can assist you with your business continuity and disaster recovery plans. Please contact us for more information.

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