Storage Guardian is a state-of-the-art online data backup and fast data recovery service for businesses of all sizes. With its new 64-bit televaulting software suite that allows for agentless remote data backup, Storage Guardian helps organizations eliminate the risks of multi-site and client-agent backup methods and can provide this software technology over any corporation's Internet connect, dedicated leased line or wireless network.

Unlike many backup products that charge per agent or server, Storage Guardian charges based only on the amount of data protected. Customers can also determine how best to protect their stored data by utilizing the tiered storage system, which enables clients to differentiate between business critical data that is needed during day-to-day operations and less operationally critical data. Designed to enhance efficiency, the tiered storage system allows customers to define data ageing and the time at which stored data becomes less critical, as well as other aspects of their data's lifecycle.

This data recovery program is also capable of performing "bare metal restores," a crucial feature for protecting against crashes. Not included in many other backup products, "bare metal restores" allows users to restore the entire operating system--from the applications and settings to the data for the entire machine--onto a new machine, even if it has different hardware than the original. Additional features of Storage Guardian include real-time file restoration for faster data recovery, automated and unattended backups, multitasking and multithreading operations, fault-tolerant RAID 5 storage and numerous security features, such as AES encryption.

Storage Guardian also offers an online backup solutions VAR program for interested IT service organizations. This data backup reseller program provides prospective resellers with personalized training suited to their needs, as well as valuable selling tools--such as personally branded Flash demos. Resellers also have access to a high-end product that enables customer web portals for those interested in creating their own licenses and backup accounts for each customer, and because of Storage Guardian's affordable pricing, becoming a VAR (value added reseller) gives professionals the opportunity to profit along with Storage Guardian.

What Makes Storage Guardian Different?

Bare Metal disaster recovery onto different hardware

"Bare metal" disaster recovery onto different hardware

Recover entire servers from a disaster - even if the new hardware or operating system is completely different from the old one!

Longer data retention times means better backups

Keep earlier versions of your data longer

With our advanced retention policies, you can keep your data longer and have better access to older archived data.

Multiple certifications and wide compatibility ensure your data is safe

Compatible and compliant

Our backup/recovery technology is compatible with a wide range of platforms and boasts several important certifications.

Back up and recover Virtual Machines with our advanced technology

Advanced backup and recovery for virtual machines

Back up and recover VMs with any-to-any restore capability, and pay only for the amount of compressed data that you back up.

Our tools allow restoration of Exchange, Groupwise and other mail platforms , wholes server or single mail

Recover entire email servers... or just a single email

Quickly restore Exchange, Groupwise and other email data - whether it's an entire bank of servers or even a single email!

Save a copy of your data onsite for fast recovery

Restore data locally - and fast

Save a copy of your latest data on-site for faster recovery, in addition to sending it to our remote data vault.

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