Streamlining Cloud Migration for an MSP Across the Globe

Creating a best-tailored and cost-effective data migration solution for MSPs and their customers

About the Customer

We specialize in offering robust cloud migration solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and their end-users.

One such provider, specializing in migration services, recently faced significant challenges migrating file servers and Network-Attached Storage (NAS) from Windows 2003 R2 to Dropbox Cloud.

Together, they successfully addressed these challenges using Storage Guardian's tailored cloud migration toolset. Here's a closer look at their journey.

The Challenge

The MSP had an immediate requirement to migrate Windows 2003 R2 file servers and NAS systems for an end-user located in Africa.

The primary challenges were:

🛑 Cost-Effectiveness: Migrating from a legacy system to Dropbox Cloud had to be affordable for the end-user without compromising on quality.

🛑 Bandwidth Constraints: The MSP's end-user had limited bandwidth, and ensuring a smooth migration required a solution that could work well within these limitations.

🛑 Data Consistency: Ensuring data integrity during the migration was vital; the customer could not afford to lose files or experience data corruption in the process.

🛑 Compatibility: The MSP needed a tool that would seamlessly integrate with Dropbox Cloud, allowing for a smooth migration from Windows 2003 R2 servers and NAS systems.

The Solution

After an exhaustive search, the MSP partnered with Storage Guardian to address these challenges. The collaboration began with a pre-scan to analyze the workload and data environment of the end-user's Windows 2003 R2 file servers and NAS systems.

Key Features of Our Solution:

✔️ Migration Readiness Assessment: Utilizing a specialized migration tool, Storage Guardian assessed the existing environment to calculate the total cost of ownership (TCO) for the future cloud migration.

✔️ Parcel Sync Feature: To overcome the bandwidth limitations, Storage Guardian's solution incorporated a parcel sync feature, designed to match the end-user’s bandwidth constraints, making migration more efficient.

✔️ Seamless Integration with Dropbox Cloud: Storage Guardian’s solution easily integrated with Dropbox Cloud, thus ensuring compatibility and a smooth migration process.

✔️ Extended Support: Post-migration, Storage Guardian provided extended technical support to ensure that the MSP and its end-user were satisfied with the migration.

How It Worked

Building the tailored migration solution to Dropbox Cloud was a straightforward and fast process

Step 1. Cloud Migration License Purchase

The MSP visited the Storage Guardian Business Portal and purchased Cloud Migration (CMP) Licenses as per their needs. The CMP Licenses were emailed to our new partner.

Step 2. Import, Apply & Manage CMP Licenses

The MSP imported and applied the CMP licenses they purchased. They were now able to manage and adjust their cloud migration quotas.

Step 3. Create Migration Projects

With the CMP licenses imported and applied, our partner started creating their migration projects, setting the name, migration source, path, and destination.  With our solution, they can see and sync the migration in process.

The Result

Thanks to the specialized migration solution provided by Storage Guardian, the MSP successfully moved their end-user's file servers and NAS from Windows 2003 R2 to Dropbox Cloud.

Key Achievements of Our Customer:

🏆 Cost-Efficiency: The MSP was able to offer an affordable migration solution to the end-user, avoiding excessive capital expenditures on newer hardware or additional software.

🏆 Bandwidth Optimization: The parcel sync feature helped match the migration with the available bandwidth, ensuring an efficient and consistent data transfer at 50 Mbps without choking the network.

🏆 Data Integrity: Not a single file was lost or corrupted during the migration, thanks to Storage Guardian’s robust data integrity checks.

🏆 Enhanced Scalability: With the successful migration to Dropbox Cloud, the end-user now enjoys greater scalability, allowing them to easily adjust their data storage needs.

With Storage Guardian's tailored cloud migration tool and support, the MSP is now better positioned to offer high-quality, cost-effective migration solutions to more end-users and allow them to fully leverage the advantages of Dropbox Cloud.

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