Storage Guardian's Dropbox Migration Tool

Key Benefits


Software as a Service, no need to buy an expensive license and have it sitting in your inventory. Storage Guardian will look at your licensing and storage requirement to provide the best cost for your migration

Fast Migration

>1 TB/ 24 hours migration speed, up to Dropbox's standard


AES-256 bit encryption at rest and in flight; MFA with Dropbox cloud.

Flexible & Configurable Probe

Migration probe will go scan your file system data, discover shares and permission, root directory and migrate them to the destination

Simplify Your Hyper-Cloud Transition with Storage Guardian's Secure Dropbox Migration

If you are looking to switch to hyper-cloud and are considering Dropbox, let Storage Guardian handle your migration. Storage Guardian has developed a file server migration tool that takes on-prem servers and sync it to Dropbox for business; utilizing the latest in Dropbox API for heightened security.

Resources around migration and implementation are complex and expensive. Storage Guardian has created a tiered approach based on a comprehensive responsibility matrix to assign a share the migration workload. Dropbox Migration, only from Storage Guardian

Why Use Storage Guardian's Dropbox Migration Tool?

Comprehensive RACI (Responsible, accountable, consulted, and informed)

Its common practice in the migration industry to simply dispense licenses based on capacity and limited support. Storage Guardian has build a detailed statement of work to define, and share the responsibility of the workload with the stakeholder. Whether you are looking for a pure SaaS solution or just the software, we will be able to tailor our solution to you needs.


Storage Guardian's migration tool uses the latest generation of security; streamlining encryption at rest, authentication with Dropbox API and has been authorized by Dropbox cloud as the third party legitimate authenticator.

Data Residency

Utilize the migration tool to define the cloud residency of your choice. Ensure that the source, destination and path fits your requirement and needs during the migration process.

Migrate to Dropbox securely with ease and efficiency

With Storage Guardian, you can migrate all your data from your existing file system to Dropbox easily and securely.

We don't rest until it's done, all data migration is logged and cross-correlated with the original scan. The migration will conclude only if the files matches with the original file number. Any error and exception will be validated and verified with our team as part of the statement of work and our comprehensive responsibility matrix.