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Empower your cybersecurity with the Storage Guardian Disaster Recovery Runbook - Your ultimate shield in the cyber battle.

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Ransomware: A Growing Threat to SMBs

Ransomware doesn't just threaten data. It jeopardizes your entire operation.

With close to three-quarters of businesses facing ransomware threats, fortifying business assets is critical for small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs).

Ransomware attacks bring far-reaching consequences:

Disrupted Business Operations: Essential activities often experience notable slowdowns, affecting productivity.

Eroded Customer Trust: The loss of trust from clients can undermine long-term business relationships.

Financial Challenges: These attacks often lead to significant financial burdens that can test the limits of your budget.

Brand Reputation Risks: A hit to your company's reputation can have enduring consequences for business growth.

Staffing Complications: Post-attack, you may face challenging decisions regarding team restructuring and personnel changes.

Defend your business against these multifaceted threats

Protect your Veeam Cloud Connect Storage with Storage Guardian and ConnectWise. Our solution offers:

Zero Trust Environment

Ensuring maximum security with minimum access.

Cost-Effective Outsider Protection

Protect your data for less than $0.09 per API-free protection through our ConnectWise Invent Certified Integration.

24/7 Monitoring and Recovery

Stay vigilant and ready to respond at any moment.

The Storage Guardian Cyber Bundle

A Complete Cybersecurity Package that includes:

DR Runbook: Specifically designed to address the cybersecurity challenges of SMBs

Managed Detection and Response: Stay ahead of threats with continuous monitoring

Self-Provisioning Platform: Manage your Veeam Cloud Connect Storage and recover data quickly directly from within Veeam’s backup console, through seamless integration

Round-the-Clock Support: Expert assistance whenever you need it

A Solution Tailored for Canadian SMBs

Storage Guardian stands by Canadian businesses. Our support covers:

CYBERSECURE Canada Certification

Begin your journey towards cybersecurity certification with us.

CDAP Application Support

Maximize your chances of obtaining government grants and loans.

Digital Adoption Plan Assistance

We guide you through your digital transformation.

Partner with Storage Guardian Today. Grow with Us and Our Referral Program.

Join our Referral and Advisor Commission Program, perfectly aligned with CDAP goals, benefiting businesses in both the U.S. and Canada.

A generous referral fee for CDAP applications with our authorized agency

Up to CAD$100,000 interest-free loan for end-users

Assistance in the development and implementation of a digital adoption plan

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