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Build your robust private cloud and consolidate your infrastructure with Seagate and Storage Guardian.

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Scalable, Secure and Affordable Storage Systems

Take advantage of Seagate’s high-density high-performance solutions and maximize your storage capacity.

End-to-End Security with Cloud Backup Capabilities

Improve data resilience with Storage Guardian's industry-first data backup and recovery technology and services.

Simplified Veeam Cloud Connect Repository Management

Optimize managing your cloud storage, licenses, and quotas with Veeam Cloud Connect and our self-provisioning portal.

Private vs. Public Cloud

The elasticity and the pay-as-you-use principle of the public cloud are attractive, but there are many challenges you face.

Public cloud entails:

Significant hidden costs and overheads as your storage grows

Lower security and co-shared responsibility

Lack of comprehensive monitoring and control over your data storage

Limited reporting capabilities

Considerable licensing fees

Ineffective quote management

Moving to the Private Cloud Addresses All These Considerations

Our resilient, versatile, and cost-effective solution teams up Seagate’s storage, Storage Guardian’s backup & recovery services, and Veeam Self-Provisioning Portal to ensure:

Improved data security, real-time data backup and reliable disaster recovery

Reduced hidden and unexpected costs and improved cost predictability

Improved monitoring and control over data storage and computing capabilities

Optimized operations and high-speed performance

Robust cloud computing capabilities and quick and dependable access to IT resources

Increased customization and control over computing resources

Why Deploy a Private Cloud with Seagate and Storage Guardian

Private Cloud Use Cases


Consolidate data centers in a secure and reliable private cloud environment, ensuring data resilience and regulatory compliance.

  • Full control and ownership of enterprise digital assets
  • Flexibility and scalability
  • Secure and dependable storage of sensitive information from various devices and multiple offices


Build a robust private cloud infrastructure designed to improve the quality of services, reduce costs for clients, and enhance security for the organization and the clients, offering a hosted backup repository and/or complete backup services.

  • Seamless management of industry certification and maintaining compliance.
  • Increased customization, quota management, and control over storage and resources for both the MSP and their customers
  • Transparency and comprehensive reporting

Power Your Cloud Storage Management and Security with Veeam Backups and Our Self-Provisioning Portal

Advanced Data Protection and Immutability

Set your backups within the self-provisioning portal.

Seamless Storage Management

Accurately add cloud storage yourself within an all-in-one platform at any time.

Veeam Backup Extended to the Cloud

Power cloud security with Veeam Cloud Connect and Storage Guardian.

Implement our Veeam Self-Provisioning Portal to Manage Complex Licensing and Consumption Tracking Per Tenant

Our intuitive dashboard provides the various departments and MSPs customers with valuable insights and extensive reporting, so you can manage complex storage, backup, and operations using a single pane of glass.

Enhance Security with MFA

Allow independent login with log management and add a multi-factor authentication (MFA) option. Offer authentication via SMS or via App (Microsoft or Google authenticator) with a QR Code.

Extensive Reporting and Branding

Take advantage of the comprehensive reports providing insights into tenant growth over time, activity logs, and tenant details, such as quota, usage, backups, and more.

Streamline the process by scheduling the report daily, weekly, or monthly. Our Veeam Self-Provisioning portal allows you to customize your reporting to enhance brand awareness and presence.

Always In the Know

Get alerts and notifications on process failures. Keep track of your tenant’s consumption and let them know when they are running out of quota.

Our portal enables you to set up two warning levels and receive notifications via email or text. Neither you nor your tenants are taken aback by exhausted quotas.

Scalable, Secure and Affordable Seagate Storage Systems

Take advantage of Seagate’s high-density high-performance solutions and maximize your storage capacity.

With the Seagate hyperscale storage architecture, the sophisticated Storage Guardian backup and recovery capabilities, and Veeam self-provisioning portal, you can consolidate your cloud workload to a private cloud while keeping scalability, agility, and cost-effectiveness.

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