BGIS and Storage Guardian: A Decade of Data Protection Excellence

The best-tailored and cost-effective data backup solution for enterprise users

About the Customer

Our mission is to ensure robust data backup and recovery solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of enterprise users.

BGIS, one of these providers, is a global leader in real estate and facility management, overseeing over 500M square feet of space worldwide. Their expansive services encompass everything from facility management to energy and sustainability solutions.

With a vast array of virtual machines crucial for their operations and a stable growth trajectory, BGIS required a solid data backup and recovery solution.

The Challenge

As BGIS continuously expanded its global footprint, it faced several challenges:

🛑 Data Protection: Along with numerous on-premise server additions and changes, BGIS's large fleet of virtual machines needed dependable backup solutions for data security and accessibility.

🛑 Budgetary Concerns: During economic downturns, BGIS aimed to cut down on backup expenses without compromising the quality of their services.

🛑 Technical Setbacks: Large-scale operations inevitably face technical hitches. BGIS needed a partner for prompt issue resolution to ensure seamless business operations.

The Solution

Storage Guardian, with its renowned data backup and recovery solutions, became BGIS's trusted ally. The decade-spanning partnership stands as a testament to mutual growth, understanding, and unwavering excellence.

Key Features of Storage Guardian's Solution:

✔️ Customized Backup Services: Tailoring to BGIS's evolving needs, Storage Guardian provided support through multiple server changes and ensured the safeguarding of BGIS's extensive array of virtual machines.

✔️ Prompt Support: Technical issues encountered by BGIS were swiftly addressed by Storage Guardian's adept support team, ensuring business continuity.

✔️ Extended Support: Storage Guardian provides extended technical support to ensure that the client and end-user have their data safely backed up and protected.

How It Worked

Step 1. Bespoke Backup Plans

After a thorough analysis of BGIS’s requirements, Storage Guardian crafted a backup strategy aligned with their needs.

Step 2. Seamless Implementation

Post planning, Storage Guardian efficiently rolled out the backup strategy, ensuring the secure storage of BGIS's critical data and virtual machines.

Step 3. Consistent Monitoring & Support

After the rollout, Storage Guardian maintained a continuous oversight of the backups, providing BGIS with continual support, ensuring optimal performance and quick issue resolution.

The Result

Leveraging Storage Guardian's top-tier backup services, BGIS has consistently focused on delivering stellar real estate and facility management services to global businesses.

Key Achievements of BGIS:

🏆 Robust Data Security: Storage Guardian's impeccable backup solution ensured the continuous safety and accessibility of BGIS's critical data and virtual machines.

🏆 Financial Savvy: Through Storage Guardian's flexible plans, BGIS managed its backup services economically without compromising quality.

🏆 Operational Smoothness: Quick resolution of technical issues by Storage Guardian ensured BGIS's operations remained uninterrupted.

🏆 Enhanced Scalability: With the successful data backup, the end-user now enjoys greater scalability, allowing them to easily adjust their data storage needs.

As Thomas Wolfe from BGIS shares,
"One word can sum up how I would describe Storage Guardian, fantastic! They helped us grow as a company through several on-premise server additions and changes."

With Storage Guardian as their steadfast partner, BGIS is poised to continue setting industry standards in real estate and facility management.

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