Offering customizable and scalable monitoring and incident response solutions for MSPs and their customers

About the Customer

We at Storage Guardian are dedicated to supporting managed services providers of all sizes and industries with robust data management and response solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of both providers and end users.

Microsys specializes in providing cloud-based accounting solutions, helping their clients utilize the features of Sage 300 ERP to streamline business processes.

Their software caters to a wide range of hospitality businesses, including hotels, resorts, restaurants, and entertainment venues, focusing on customer satisfaction, revenue generation, and operational cost reduction.

The Challenge

Microsys Inc. faced several critical challenges in managing their extensive data and ensuring its security:

🛑 Data Security and Incident Monitoring: With the sensitive nature of financial data, Microsys needed a robust solution for incident monitoring and data protection.

🛑 Large-Scale Data Migration: The migration of hundreds of terabytes of data to the cloud required a meticulous and secure approach.

🛑 Operational Continuity: Ensuring seamless operation during the migration process was crucial to maintaining their service standards.

The Solution

Storage Guardian stepped in as a pivotal partner, offering tailored solutions to the unique challenges faced by Microsys.

Key Features of Storage Guardian's Solution:

✔️ DR Runbook for Incident Monitoring: Implementing a comprehensive disaster recovery runbook, Storage Guardian provided real-time monitoring and rapid response capabilities.

✔️ Efficient Cloud Migration: Storage Guardian managed the massive data migration seamlessly, ensuring minimal downtime and maintaining data integrity.

✔️ Self-Provisioning Portal with Veeam: This solution offered Microsys enhanced control over their data management, streamlining the backup and recovery process.

How It Worked

Step 1. Tailored Strategy Development

Storage Guardian thoroughly assessed Microsys's needs to devise a strategic plan for data migration and monitoring.

Step 2. Implementation

Post planning, Storage Guardian efficiently rolled out the strategy, ensuring 24/7 proactive monitoring of critical data and virtual machines.

Step 3. Ongoing Support and Optimization

Continuous monitoring and support were provided to maintain system integrity and operational efficiency.

The Result

The collaboration with Storage Guardian allowed Microsys to elevate its service offerings in the hospitality industry significantly.

Key Achievements of BGIS:

🏆 Robust Data Security: Storage Guardian's impeccable backup solution ensured the continuous safety and accessibility of the critical data of Microsys and thei clients.

🏆 Enhanced Data Security: Microsys Inc. benefitted from robust data protection and incident monitoring, ensuring client trust and data integrity.

🏆 Seamless Cloud Migration: The successful migration of a vast amount of data strengthened Microsys’s infrastructure and operational capabilities.

🏆 Enhanced Scalability: With the successful data backup, the end-user now enjoys greater scalability, allowing them to easily adjust their data storage needs.

🏆 Operational Excellence: The smooth implementation and ongoing support by Storage Guardian led to improved efficiency and reduced operational costs.  

With Storage Guardian's partnership, Microsys continues to innovate and lead in providing exceptional hospitality accounting software solutions.

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