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Leveraging over 24 years of expertise, we offer a seamless, secure, and cost-effective solution to transfer your data from on-premise server, Google Drive, and OneDrive to Dropbox.

Migrating from Google Workspace to Dropbox for business

Migrating from MS OneDrive to Dropbox

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Why Choose Dropbox Migration with Storage Guardian?

Fast and Easy Data Transfers

Our state-of-the-art migration tool allows for quick, smooth, and secure data transfers to Dropbox, whether from on-premises servers or other cloud services.

Multi-Tenant Single Logins

Our migration tool is built on the robust foundation allowing different team members to manage several projects at once, which translates into improved productivity.

Empowering MSPs

Storage Guardian Migration is designed to let MSPs seamlessly and effortlessly migrate data for their clients. With our solution, providers are able to offer outstanding speed and security of large amounts of data.

How it Works

Our Quick 3-Phase Data Migration

Prepare - Data Prescan

We kick-start your migration journey with a complimentary data audit. This tool scans your data, picking up any potential issues and providing an accurate estimate of the data to be moved.

This step is highly recommended, especially for large migrations surpassing 100GB.

Execute - Data Transfer

The heart of our process is the swift and efficient transfer of data. With us, moving your data from a vast range of cloud providers or on-prem servers is smooth.

Not only is the process rapid, minimizing disruptions, but it also allows you to monitor the progress and review real-time performance statistics.

Cutover - Test and Delta Migration

The final stage of our process centers on meticulous data verification and delta migration. This critical step ensures all newly added or updated files are seamlessly migrated.

It serves as the bridge for transitioning to your new data storage, effectively finalizing the migration process and paving the way for seamless operation.

Still Have Questions about Our Migration Process?

Submit your inquiry to, and a Storage Guardian sales engineer will assist you with your sales quotes and will answer all your technical questions on the migration tool.

Reliable Cloud Migration at Your Fingertips

With Storage Guardian, your data migration becomes a breeze. Our intuitive interface and powerful features make your transition to Dropbox fast, easy, and secure. You're always in control, with detailed reports and a dedicated support team at your disposal.

Simulation & Discovery

Identify and quantify your data with our pre-scan option, helping you plan your migration effectively.

Fast Execution

Storage Guardian Migration offers initial drive for large moves of data so you can save time with our rapid data transfer solution and add more computing power whenever needed.

Capacity Volume License

Our solution allows on-demand capacity licenses. Use Storage Guardian migration on a volume basis instead of per-customer or per-site migration offering.

Secure Migration

Enjoy peace of mind with our Multi-Factor Authentication, ensuring maximum data security during migration.

Streamline Your Business with Storage Guardian

Ready to make the switch to Dropbox? Our team of experts is here to guide you every step of the way. Start your migration journey with us today and experience unmatched speed, simplicity, and security.

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White-labeled migration

Sending drives for large data moves with change of data custody

On-demand volume licensing on the marketplace or our business portal