Case Study: DRA Advisors

In choosing a suitable backup services provider, we placed heavy relevance on the provider’s ability to come to the table with a customizable solution that addressed our complex needs at a reasonable level of investment. We were concerned that the sheer size of the database, plus our distributed data environment was going to make it too difficult to back up and protect. But Storage Guardian was able to meet our needs for our file system, system state and MS Exchange components.

Robert Scharf, CIO

Extell Development Company

Company Profile

Extell Development Company is a nationally acclaimed American real estate developer of residential, office, hotel and retail properties. Distinguished by innovative thinking, Extell exceeds market expectations while delivering the dream behind each building.


Extell - with offices in New York and Kentucky, and large projects also taking place in Chicago and Boston - required its backup and restore solution to be able to consistently and cost-effectively back up critical data from each separate location to one centralized vault. They also wanted the flexibility to restore specified data to devices other than the ones from which they originally conducted the backup set.


Extell chose Storage Guardian because of the flexibility and user control that the software afforded them, as well as the ability to protect the entire contents of their complex environment, including:

  • Bare Metal Restore
  • System State
  • Active Directory
  • File system


Extell was impressed with the agentless architecture of the software, which allowed them to be up and running on one single installation for their entire network in a matter of 30 minutes. Storage Guardian provided Extell with a full solution that addressed their substantial MS Exchange database and gave Extell the flexibility to do Bare Metal Restore.

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