Case Study: DRA Advisors

I never panicked, because I knew that I would be able to easily restore the data quickly and painlessly thanks to Storage Guardian.

Jane Crowson, GIS/Data Coordinator

Signal Equities LLC

Case Study: Signal Equities, LLC

There truly is more than one way to skin a cat when it comes to finding cost-effective backup and restore solutions for small and medium sized businesses.

Signal Equities, LLC – a leading Texas-based uranium exploration, project development and production company – has been a happy Storage Guardian customer since 2007. However, they soon realized that their monthly backup costs had steadily risen to the point that it was becoming cost-prohibitive.

Jane Crowson, GIS/Data Coordinator of Signal Equities LLC, thought this might be due to a combination of file duplication and the fact that their business typically requires the use of design files that can be fairly large.

Crowson was tasked by senior management with finding a way to reduce this cost.

"We have always enjoyed outstanding customer service from Storage Guardian, but this was different," recalls Crowson. "We needed a way to drastically reduce our backup costs, even if it meant changing suppliers."

Crowson contacted Storage Guardian and found that there were indeed ways to reduce costs without compromising data protection levels. Storage Guardian recommended that Signal migrate a significant batch of data from archive storage onto an encrypted external hard disk, which can be accessed by the Storage Guardian software if need be, thereby ensuring it is available when required

"Being in the mining industry, our business cycle is such that we experience periods where we must find ways to cut costs. Storage Guardian listened to our concerns and provided a resolution that helped cut our storage costs significantly without compromising on service levels or restore speed."

Signal also recently required a 20 MB restore due to an employee accidentally deleting an entire directory instead of a single file. Storage Guardian technicians simply created a restorable image and made it available for download immediately from the Storage Guardian web portal.

Crowson recalls the incident as though it were yesterday: "I never panicked, because I knew that I would be able to easily restore the data quickly and painlessly thanks to Storage Guardian."

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