Backup and Recovery

Full-featured data backup and recovery

Now you can back up and recover your Google Apps, Salesforce and Office 365 data.

If your company uses third-party applications, your data resides outside of your company's control – but you are still responsible for protecting it. With Storage Guardian, you can protect your company's Google Apps, Salesforce and Office 365 data just like any other data within your IT environment. This ensures that the data can always be recovered, and it eliminates the need for multiple costly backup solutions to protect all of your physical, virtual, cloud and mobile computing platforms.

And the best part is that our SaaS backup and restore services are inherent in the software; there are no additional licenses to buy or fees to pay.

With Storage Guardian, you can:

  • Automate and schedule the required backup activities
  • Select the number of generations of data to protect
  • Set retention rules
  • Configure different backup frequencies for different sets of data
  • Backup or restore at the entire domain level, the account level or drill down to individual files or records
  • Restore data back into Google Apps, Salesforce or Office 365
  • Restore data to a specific point in time

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