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If your organization uses Microsoft Windows Server, Storage Guardian has a backup/restore solution for you. Our Windows Server backup service adds many features not found on the default Microsoft Windows Server backup program.

The default Windows backup program backs up only data that resides on your host machine. By contrast, Storage Guardian for Windows Server automatically and securely backs up all of your customers' data – including the mission-critical data stored on PCs and laptops across their networks.

Fast, efficient, and cost effective

Storage Guardian for Windows Server also eliminates the costs associated with tape backups. Our small business backup service sends your data directly to an offsite storage vault. The fully automated process backs up every machine your customer chooses to protect, using their existing internet connection, quickly and securely.

With this service, your customers can back up more often, minimizing the loss of data between runs. They will also be able to recover lost data more quickly, either over the internet or with the built-in "bare metal restore".

The heart of Storage Guardian's service is the DS-Client, which is the software that your customers will install easily on their Windows Server. This is the only software they will need in order to protect every machine on their LAN, thanks to Storage Guardian's "agentless" technology.

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